Maybelline Moisture Express Lipstick – Cool Watermelon

Maybelline Moisture Express Lipstick – Cool Watermelon

Well Hello again!

I have a new lipstick to show you and it isn’t red. I left my comfort zone and brought a bright pink lipstick. Maybelline‘s Express Moisture lipstick in Cool Watermelon. I picked this cutie up from my local discount store. Maybelline lipsticks were $8.00 NZD which is pretty fantastic.

I love perusing the discount stores in my area, brands like L’Oreal and Maybelline can be on the pricey end in my country so picking them up on the cheaper side is a good way to find out if you like them or not. I don’t have a bright pink and I have seen stunners all over the place and thought it was time I tried them out.

So take a look 🙂

Maybelline Cool Watermelon

The case is pretty standard and I haven’t seen this type in New Zealand. It must be an older line, maybe why its in the discount store. Sadly the lid on my case is slightly cracked. But the lipstick its self is still good.Maybelline Cool Watermelon Hand

Without trying before I buy, I am impressed with how well this goes with my skin tone.Maybelline Cool Watermelon LipsIts bright, but my kind of bright. And boy does it go on well. I don’t have to scrape it on and leaves my lips feeling good too. I think they look pretty foxy too *wiggles eyebrows*
Maybelline Cool Watermelon Masu

Sorry for squinty look, sun was bright XD

I really am happy with this lipstick. So much so I’m keen to go trawl through the container of lipsticks for more awesome colours. The texture really is fantastic. No drying, no smearing and it stays on pretty well. It really does feel like my lips are being moisturised.  I now feel brave enough to wear this to work now.

Hope you can find an awesome bright pink lipstick that’s perfect for you. It does take a bit of courage to try something bright, but if you find something that makes you confident you buy that lipstick and you buy it now! Maybe even get two XD

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

EDIT 22-11-2015

Over two years later, this post is still getting views, it has been one of my most viewed posts of 2015. I also discovered that this is discontinued and super rare to find, so if you do happen to find a tube buy it!!  I thought in honour of how well it was doing I would post some updated images.  So here you go, new tube and lip shots.

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