NYX Round Lipstick – Eros

NYX Round Lipstick – Eros

Good Evening!

I went out shopping again today and came back with a large amount of jewellery and lipsticks XD Awesome day! Though I was a bit peeved, I brought a new BYS blusher to replace my old one and by the time I got home the new one had shattered into several pieces 😦 Ah well I’ll just have to leave it at home and use the old one as my work one.

Anyway its time for another NYX lippie, here is Eros.

NYX Eros Case

This one has to be worn with very precise items of clothing and makeup to match. Its not an everyday red…unless you wear the right things everyday.NYX Eros Lips

This lipstick stained my travel mug at work for several weeks…it takes a lot to get this off. Like Electra is stays on your lips, but goes everywhere!

So all this playing round with my NYX lippies has really reinforced for me that I really like the creamy, almost shiny lipsticks that are really pigmented. Matte makes my lips super dry and leaves me a little meh about them. HOWEVER I discovered that I really love red lipstick!!!

NYX has really impressed me with their selection of colours and the quality you get from a lipstick that costs less than $4.00 NZD each. Would I buy NYX lipsticks again? Heck yes I’ve already got a list as long as my arm of the ones I want next 😉

Till next time!

❤ MaSucree


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