NYX Round Lipstick – Electra

NYX Round Lipstick – Electra

Good Morning!

Look something other than nail polish! So organising my make-up draw made me feel guilty that I hadn’t finished swatching all my NYX lipsticks.  It also made me feel a little bit for all the pretties hiding in my messy draw XD

Oh well so onto the pretty red lippy.

Enjoy :3

NYX Electra

Sorry you only get to see the used photos of the lippy :/NYX Electra Swatch

Shiny, but not too shiny and opaque and reeeeeed.
NYX Electra Lips
I love how my new camera takes amazing lipstick swatches…these photos were taken inside! Squee :3

So just like Chaos, my other most favourite of my NYX reds, this is creamy and looks so fantastic with my skin colour. It is not a colour I could wear with everything I own and is more of a winter clothing red, BUT I love it. It doesn’t cling to dry skin (which at the time of taking this photo my lips were chapped like no ones business  and lasts for ages. Except for it does move a bit, even though it doesn’t fade or anything it goes everywhere. Especially my white travel mug XD

So I hoped you enjoyed this red lippy and maybe it inspires you to live on the wild side and get your own gorgeous red.

Have a good day!

❤ MaSucree

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