OPI GoldenEye

OPI GoldenEye

Good Afternoon!

How has your week been?

I’ve got some more OPI Skyfall nail polish for you today. OPI’s GoldenEye, a golden flake over load.

OPI GoldenEye Bottle

That bottle is soooo choca with all those gold flakes!

OPI GoldenEye Swatch 1

This is three layers all piled on top of one amother.

OPI GoldenEye Swatch

This beauty reminds me of scales when its all layered up. I’m not much of a gold fan, but I really love this colour. Wow I can even surprise myself sometimes. The only ity bity gripe I have with this polish is how hard it is to tidy up, glitter everywhere!!

OPI GoldenEeye Over Black

I hadn’t found pictures of this polish layered over any other colours so I thought I would have a go. I think it looks pretty awesome over black.

OPI Goldeneye Ove W7 Crimson

So I posted this earlier, but I really love the red and gold.

OPI’s Skyfall collection has really been a hit with me. What do you lovelies think?

❤ MaSucree

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