Nfu Oh 55

Nfu Oh 55

Happy New Year!!

I hope you have an excellent 2013!

A while back I took part in a bulk buy of nail polish with my nail polish facebook group. Out of it we all got 8 Nfu Ohs and 4 Orlys for an outrageously low price :3 So you might have caught on to the fact that I don’t like glitter too much and I don’t really like to layer. When I got my Nfu Ohs I was a little bit gutted to discover I was going to have to learn to like layering if I wanted to use these pretties.

So lately I have been trying and one of the Nfu Ohs I’ve been playing with the most is Nfu Oh 55. A sheer green base with glitter and gold flakes. Don’t choke on your toast, glitter and layering WHO AM I?!

So onto the photos! Make sure you full size to see all the interesting glittery bits.

NFU Oh 55 Bottle

The Nfu Oh bottles are fantastic, I will have to get betters shots of them for when I share next bottle with you. Its a lady in a dress!NFU OH 55 Swatch

So this is 55 all by its self, three layers to get the glitter all nice and cluttered  I think it looks pretty nasty by itself XD That green makes my skin look sooo washed out..NFU OH 55 over Various

My OPI Yoga-Ta Get This blue was a little bit tired after work one day so I had a play round with my Nfu Ohs.

Left to Right: 036, 035, 55 and 95. All with 55 over top.
NFU OH 55 Over BlackThis is 55 over KleanColor‘s Black.  I think next time I do black I will just do one layer of 55 this is three and it is a little bit much (for my liking).
Nfu Oh 55 over Sinful Colors Miles Away
And this is 55 over Sinful Color‘s Miles Away. I think this is my favourite so far.

I really like 55 depending on what base you use depends on how this polish looks. As much as I avoid layering it is epic to have such a multi purpose polish.

Nfu Oh polishes also seem to be of very good quality as well. They also look really cool!

Till next time.

❤ MaSucree

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    1. Sorry about not getting back to you sooner. Thank you for the offer, but for now I will have to decline. Life is a little too busy. Thank you though, it is a huge compliment ❤

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