W7 Crimson

W7 Crimson

Good Afternoon Lovelies!

So we all survived the end of the world (again) like we all thought we would. I have been off from work this week playing video games (I’m now onto God of War 2) and buying far too much nail polish. AND next week is Christmas :3 Already I have seen some amazing Christmas inspired nail polish and nail art and I was feeling a little bit left out. Now I am not Mrs Uber Christmas so don’t expect too much from me! This week in my latest polish binge I picked up yet another W7 polish, Crimson. I thought it was a vaguely festive colour and that you would like to have a look at this sexy red and how I made it Christmassy.

W7 Crimson Bottle

I really like the shape of the W7 bottles the look a little bit like OPI at a quick glance.W7 Crimson SwatchWhat a fantastic looking red!
W7 Crimson Swatch 2

Del helped be decide that this was a crelly, between a creme and a jelly finish. I think it is an awesome finish and really shines. It stays on the nails fairly well, but could be a bit better and so I might start using a bonder base coat on it. This polish didn’t stain my nails when I took it off and was very easy to touch up as well :3 Loving the W7 polishes!

So after a few days of having this on my nails I decided to freshen it up and embrace the jolly:

OPI Goldeneye Ove W7 Crimson
Tada with the lovely OPI Goldeneye on top. And after L.A.Colors Flurry you’ll be all a flutter squealing “Another glitter so soon MaSucree! Who are you?” :p So I do make exceptions to my “I don’t like glitter” rule. tehe! And that is about as Christmassy as my nails would get XD

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree


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