NYX Round Lipstick in Chic Red

NYX Round Lipstick in Chic Red

Good Morning!

To make sure you don’t get sick and tired of seeing nail polish I have whipped out more of my NYX round lipstick swatches for you. Today I have for you Chic Red.

NYX CHIC RED Swatch Hand

So I loooove red lipstick and this is one of the many I have acquired in that last few months. This shade seems to be the colour I really gravitate towards, it must be because they look good with my skin.NYX Chic Red Swatch 2

Despite this shade being a wicked colour I find that my lips have to be in tip top condition to show off how cool it is. Due to it being matte I find it clings to all the dry bits on your lips. Though on that note in summer (which is what it is in NZ at the moment), I find I don’t have nearly as many problems with matte lipstick or any lipstick drying my lips out 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the red lippy.

Till next time.

❤ MaSucree

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