L.A. Colors Cosmetics Color Craze 2012 Selection

L.A. Colors Cosmetics Color Craze 2012 Selection

Good Evening Lovelies!

The other day I shared with you my new W7 nail polishes from my local Postie. Not only did my Postie start stocking W7 they also got in LA Colors Cosmetics. The nail polish selection they have is L.A. Colors 2012 Color Craze nail polish. I didn’t like all of them, but I did end up buying seven of them 😉

So take a look at my pick of the latest L.A. Colors’ Color Craze 2012 collection.

19-12-2012 LA Colors 2012 Color Craze

Front left to right: Flurry, Edgy and Animated.
Back left to right: Cobalt, In a flash, Aquatic and Sea Foam.

LA Colors Animated Bottle

Animated: Is an awesome semi jelly red which has a slight shimmer to it too. Sadly you can barely see it in photos.LA Colors Animated Swatch

I felt awesome wearing this polish and just wanted to flash my nails around XDLA Colors Edgy Bottles

Edgy: Looked like an awesome purple creme but….LA Colors Edgy Swatch

Ugh! It is awful! Nice enough colour, a little bit meh, but awful to get on the nail, nasty to take photos of and it took three coats to get it semi opaque.LA Colors Aquatic Bottle

Aquatic: As much as I love blue polish I don’t have many creme blue polishes. Mr Gabby picked this out for me 😉LA Colors Aquatic Swatch


It is a stunner on, easy to get on the nails and dries nice and quick. HOWEVER it stained my nails a little bit :s Though I’m willing to look past that.LA Colors In A Flash Bottle

In A Flash: Another blue creme this time just darker.LA Colors In A Flash Swatch

Just like Edgy it is a bugger to get on and when I get it off even my fingers were stained 😮 More so than Aquatic. Its blue, but I’m a little reluctant to put it back on again :/

LA Colors Sea Foam Bottle

Sea Foam: Teal? Green? Either way its an awesome colour :3

LA Colors Seafoam Swatch

Love it on my nails! It can be a bit streaky and takes three layers to get opaque, but it does dry very quickly.LA Colors Cobalt Bottle

Cobalt: A shimmer, glittery blue polish. This was the first one I picked out for myself.LA Colors Cobalt Swatch

I love the glittery effect of this polish without being overloaded with chunky glitter. I don’t know what type of finish you would call this, but I really like it.LA Colors Flurry Bottle

Flurry: Those of you who know me well enough will be sitting there going, “MaSucree that’s a glitter!”. But it looked lovely in the bottle.

LA Colors Flurry Swatch

It reminds me of snow or stars, and is very small. I think that is why I like this glitter, it’s not big and chunky like other ones.

Now take a look at it over other polishes.

LA Colors Flurry over In A FlashOver Take a Hint (you can see the blue staining 😦 ).

LA Colors Flurry over AquaticOver Aqautic.

LA Colors Flurry over SeafoamOver Sea Foam.

LA Colors Flurry over Thames

And over Butter London’s Thames.

So despite a few not so happies from my selection, I really am enjoying some of the new L.A. Colors. I think I will have to investigate some more polishes of theirs.

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

9 thoughts on “L.A. Colors Cosmetics Color Craze 2012 Selection

    1. Thank you very much! They have some nice glitters and even a cute looking one called Candy sparkles which is pink and has multi coloured glitter through it. And for the price you pay $5 NZD *swoon*

  1. I really like the dark blue glitter. I have to say that LA Colours are really good for their cheap price. If you’re after cosmetics other than nail polish, I bought a Kleancolor eyeshadow palette and a blusher and bronzer a couple of weeks ago and they’re great. I use the eyeshadow for my eyebrows and it stays on ridiculously well until I apply a wet wipe! The blusher is also a really rare bright pink and I love it!

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