W7 Metallic Planet Haul and Swatches

W7 Metallic Planet Haul and Swatches

Good Afternoon!

Mr Gabby took me out shopping to get the last of our Christmas presents, which I did! But….there was also nail polish involved. Postie is so evil! Not only did they get a fresh stock of new polish they started stocking w7 and L.A. Colors!

This of course led to much ooing and aahing from me and sighing from Mr Gabby. Then followed by buying all the w7 Metallic Planet shades I could get my hands on. I have been dribbling over this collection for a long time, but living in New Zealand meant it was only ever a vague dream that I would own them one day. HA! Now they are all mine *rolls in bottles*

W7 Metallic Planet

From Left to Right: Metallic Mars, Mercury, Jupitir, Neptune and SaturnW7 M. Mars Sunlightjpg

Mars: Was the hardest to capture a photos of, what with it changing between pink, orange and yellow(ish) all the time. It is a very cool polish though!W7 M. Mercury

Mercury: Mercury does have a change to it but it is a very slight change between just darker shades of purple and fuchsia and even a bit of gold in there. After Mars it was the hardest to take photos of, but still is a awesome colour! W7 M.Jupiter jpg

Jupiter: The colour change is easier to see on Jupiter between purple and blue flecks.W7 M.Neptune Sunlight

Neptune: What else can I say about Neptune other than: BLUE POLISH! SQUEEE! This is my favourite of the five.
W7 M.Saturnjpg

Saturn: At first both Gabs and I wanted to put this bottle back, but the thought of not having the entire collection upset me so I grabbed it anyway. Once I got it on my nails I discovered that it was a pretty badass goldy/green shimmer! It is my second favourite :3

Sadly since I can not find a website for W7 I can’t tell what else was in this collection, it would seem I am only missing Metallic Venus which looks to be a bluey/pink/purple changing shimmer. I will be on the look out for that one.

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope your weekend is full of fun times and nail polish.

❤ MaSucree

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