Polish Elves Parcel

Polish Elves Parcel

Good Evening!

How has your week been? Mine has been filled with Christmas shopping! Most of which was for myself….oops! There was also a little bit of polish in my week.

I am part of a Facebook group for New Zealand polish addicts and this years for Christmas to help us get to know each other we set up a nail polish themed secret Santa that we named Polish Elves 🙂 Here is what my secret Polish Elf got me, make sure you go and check out her blog here.

14-12-2012 Polish Elves Parcel

Included in the polish bundle was candy canes, hand cream, nail polish removed pads and a nail file. I am so spoilt :314-12-2012 Polish Elves Polish

From left to right: Miki no.16, handmade polish from Ami, Color Club Port-folio, Misa a Sin Worth Committing and China Glaze Def Defying.14-12-2012 Miki 16

Miki no.16: This a quite a spunky purple that really lights up once you get it outside 🙂14-12-2012 Ami Polish

Hand made polish from the lovely lady at Every Sensory. This one is nice and dark and vampy and then you step outside and you can see the badass holo that Ami put into it *swoons*14-12-2012 CC Portfolio

Color Club Port-folio: This polish looks amazing on!14-12-2012 Misa A Sin Worth Committing

Misa A Sin Worth Committing: Blue shimmer *dirbbles*14-12-2012 CG Def Defying

China Glaze Def Defying: What a stunning green creme from the Cirque De Soleil collection.

She did the most amazing job at picking out polishes for me, pretty much all of these colours were on my wishlist! And that handmade one is so amazing and it is a one off too 😉 So thank you my amazing polish elf!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

❤ MaSucree

5 thoughts on “Polish Elves Parcel

  1. So beautiful! My favorites are the Miki and the Misa blue which both look stunning *swoon*. The facebook group seems like a cool idea especially when nail polish gifting is involved haha.

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