Pretty Serious Cosmetics Galaxy Invader

Pretty Serious Cosmetics Galaxy Invader

Good Morning!

So Last night I shared with you all my nail mail. I thought I would be kind and get to sharing with you the first lot of swatches. Today’s swatches are of Pretty Serious Cosmetics‘ Galaxy Invader.

So take a look and dribble in envy!

PS Galaxy Invader Bottle

I love looking at it in the bottle 🙂PS Galaxy Invader Swatch

Blue duochrome polish makes me super happy!PS Galaxy Invader Swatch 2

:3PS Galaxy Invader Swatch 3

Above is in Sunlight:
PS Galaxy Invader Swatch 4

The Change is pretty awesome!

I really like this polish and it got me comments while I was out the other day. More than anything I’m just happy to have a blue duo chrome that changes from one blue to another 🙂

So even though I’m flailing about the colour the quality of the polish is pretty good too! It dries nice and quick, it does need three coats, BUT barely chips after three days at work. This makes me even more stoked about these polishes. Well done Pretty Serious!

Blue polish FTW!

Thanks for stopping by!

Till next time.

❤ MaSucree

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