Barry M Racing Green

Barry M Racing Green

Good Morning Polish Lovers!

Last week I have one of my polish lemmings satisfied thanks to my friend the great Lani (check out her amazing blog). Barry M’s Racing Green! It’s both green and blue at the same time! This is my first Barry M nail polish as well.

Man this polish gave me a headache >< It was the most evil polish yet to take photos of. Had to have the most perfect weather and then I took photos of it with two layers and then three just to make sure.

So take a look and dribble with me.

Two Layers:

Two Layers:

Three Layers in sunlight:

Three Layers: Click to see it full size 😉Three Layers:

Its almost like a got two different polishes. Two layers looks cool and so does three layers! I’m glad I managed to get photos to share with you guys! And a big thank you to Lani for letting me buy it :3 It dries at an ok pace, nothing special and I didn’t have it on long enough to see if it chips. BUT look at that colour!

Love it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Till next time.

❤ MaSucree


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