NYX Round Lipstick in Chaos

NYX Round Lipstick in Chaos

Good Morning!

So not only did I get an abundance of nail polish this week, I also got a great haul of lipstick…all red lipsticks. Cherry Culture had a sale on NYX products and I ordered eight of my top need to have lipsticks…which of course was all red ones. I have recently dyed it more red than usual and at the moment only red lipsticks seem to be going with my hair. So luckily these beauties turned up :3

First up from my brand spanking new NYX lippies is Chaos.

Chaos is a fire engine red, and it is nice and glossy. It looks really good with my current red hair and works well with nice simple black eye-liner and black mascara.

The best part about NYX lipsticks is how easily they go on and how long they stay on! Red lipstick will always move, no matter how much I’ve spent on red lipstick they always move, its just how well the colours lasts. Some lipsticks move leaving a nasty pink ring around your lips and your lips are usually all dried out. These little beauties at $2.99 USD each still have loads of colour on my lips even after eating and barely need any touching up through out the day. Best yet, is they actually make my lips feel LESS dry!

I’m so glad I took the plunge and brought all those reds, it’s gonna be fun sharing them with you 🙂 I would definitely recommend going to buy yourself a NYX lipstick! Especially a red one! I know red isn’t for everyone, but I think amongst the eight I have collected from NYX there will be one for you too.

Thanks for stopping by!

Till next time.

❤ Masucree

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