Sephora Rouge Red Lipstick R05

Sephora Rouge Red Lipstick R05

Good Evening!

I have a sexy red lipstick to show you today. You wouldn’t believe my luck I managed to score a new Sephora red lipstick from our lost property. If someone doesn’t claim something within a certain time period we offer it to staff or donate it. The lost property lady thought of me when she saw this lipstick, I had to try really hard not to squee over the fact that it said Sephora on the case. I doubt Sephora even knows New Zealand exists >< Dammit Sephora ship to New Zealand!!!!

Anyway take a look at this beauty :3

oooo yeah!

I guess you would call this a true red! And it’s so pigmented.Red lipstick! Oh how I love red lipstick!
 For a lipstick that I was given I couldn’t be more happier with it. It lasts all day, to the point that even after make up remover I’ve still got some on. It’s glossy and smooth and feels good on my lips. I should have conditioned my lips afterwards cause they were a little dry, but not nearly as much as other brands.

Man I want more Sephora lipsticks!

So just a quick one from me, hoped you enjoyed the red lippy (I know I did). Expect more, I’ve got eight new NYX ones that just arrived to share 😉

Till next time.

❤ MaSucree

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