Lost China Glaze Nail Polish Swatches

Lost China Glaze Nail Polish Swatches

Good Morning!

So I thought I was doing real well digging up those Wicked Collection swatches and then I found more China Glaze polish swatches that got lost in the depths of my disorganized computer hard drive.

Maaaaan I got all of these ages ago, for my birthday I think :/ Oh well time to finally share these pretties. Enjoy!

Up All Night: From Patent Leather in the City Collection – High shiny bluuuuue! I love blue polish!

Tree Hugger: From ecollection – Greeeeeen polish! I adore greeeen polish! I think most of this order from Head2Toe was green and blue XD

Splish Splash: From Summer Neons Collection – Glittery neons just make me happy, especially blue ones :3

Purr-Fect Plum: From Safari Collection – I realised after swatching this one that I don’t have many straight creme polishes. This one is pretty awesome and goes with this pretty dress I have.

Jungle Queen: From Safari Collection –  The swatches of this one looked amazing, I was lied to! My nails just made it look butt hmph! Do any of you have this? Could you get it to look better?

Frostbite: From Ski Collection – More super bright glitter blues! Gosh I love this one, I’ve worn it soooo many times and I always get comments on it.

First Mate: From Anchors Away – I finally have a creme blue polish and it matches my favourite blue skirt :3

Elephant Walk: From Safari Collection – Grey shimmer! It is a little boring for most of what I wear, but just like Immortal I think it will look cool with stamping over top.

Cha Cha Cha: From Island Escape Collection – Mr Gabby picked this one and it’s soooo cool. And it’s greeeeeen.Adventure Red-Y: From Safari Collection – This red is almost a strawberry red, I really like it. I do feel like I have to wait till my nails are a little longer though before it will look fully awesome 😦

So I hoped you enjoyed my stash of almost forgotten polish swatches. I promise I don’t forget about the actual polishes nearly as much 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

Till next time.

❤ MaSucree


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