Lipstick of the Day- Lipstick Queen 7 Mins

Lipstick of the Day- Lipstick Queen 7 Mins

Good Evening!

Besides nail polish today I also managed to put together a lipstick of the day face to share. Today’s lipstick post is more a gloss than anything but its from Lipstick Queen so I’ll just bend the rules for now. Last year Smith and Caughey had an epic sale on Lipstick Queen, I picked up a few of Lipstick Queen’s 15 Minutes of Fame collection. Again these little cuties got pushed to the bottom of my lipstick box (yes I need a box), so now they’re out and about to get tested again.

Today’s Minutes of Fame is 7 Mins a candy pink colour. It sounds like a scary colour (well to me it does), but I think I made it look pretty good.

As you can see I got a few cool colours, maaaan these posts of all the lipsticks I keep forgetting about just makes me feel like a hoarder ><
 I couldn’t get you a good picture of it on close up as my lips are in awful condition at the moment. You can see that it is super shiny, but it is a wicked awesome colour. I am not too fond of the in built brush, I have to smooth it with my fingers or else it bunches up on my lips. It is kind of sticky at first but settles down so you can go outside without fear of getting your hair stuck in your gloss. A real winner, I can see why the original price was $36.00 NZD.My Make-up Today:
Benefit The Gal
Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW foundation
Benefit Erase Paste
L’Oreal Infallible Powder
Benefit Sugar Bomb Blush
Benefit BadGal Mascara
Styli Style Eyeliner

A face full of Benefit today. I don’t often wear my Benefit collection, but I was rather impressed with my face today so maybe I should use it so more. Because you can’t buy Benefit in store in New Zealand I have to fight the feeling of trying to save my small collection.

So my seven mins of fame today was a success and Mr Gabby thought it was pretty too. I look forward to trying my other minutes of fames with different faces soon.

Stay tuned for more long lost cosmetics.

Till next time!

❤ MaSucree

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