Lipstick of the Day – Rimmel Heather Shimmer

Lipstick of the Day – Rimmel Heather Shimmer

Good Evening!

I have returned from my week in hiding…ok not hiding, really I was just furiously trying to complete an assignment. Which as of this afternoon was all done and dusted. One more to go and that’s me! Wooo! So today’s lipstick of the day and makeup is what I wore to give my oral presentation for my assignment. Being all dressed up made me feel really confident!

So today’s lipstick of the day is the second lipstick I ever brought as a grown up, Rimmel London‘s Heather Shimmer. It has been a long time since I wore this pretty, so I got it out last night in prep to wear it for today.

I guess its a sorta dusky nudey brown? I don’t know really I just make it up as a I go along XDMy Makeup today was:

Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer
L’oreal Infallible concealer, foundation and powder
NYX Blush in Angel
Australis Eyeliner in Black
Benefit Badgal Mascara.

And then I took it all of and went for a run :3

Another nice surprise today was Nail Mail! Wooo! This time my nail mail was from Beyond Beauty.

 Left to Right: OPI Unfor-Greta-Bly You and Every Month is Oktoberfest.

Nail Polish! Wooo. I’m putting on Every Month is Oktoberfest as we speak…I may have been dribbling over it since it came out…. I have the inclination to buy the whole collection especially My Very First Knockworst! because I like to say Knockworst! KNOCKWORST!

Ahem! Anyway tomorrow I will be heading out to the Armageddon Expo here in Auckland, it’s one big weekend long nerd feast. I hope to have photos to share and at least and Armageddon lipstick of the day. Hopefully I will also have some Doctor Who Swag!

Until next time!

Thanks for stopping by.

❤ MaSucree

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