Lipstick of the Day – L’Oreal Brazen Bronze

Lipstick of the Day – L’Oreal Brazen Bronze

Good evening!!

How has your week been? The weather has been getting in the way of me taking good photos, so I’m sorry that I haven’t had any new lipstick posts for you despite how awesome they were 😦 Since today is Friday and the weather is good I had plenty of time to play with makeup today…. and watch Castle oh and do my assignment of course *cough cough*

Today’s lipstick of the day is L’Oreal Brazen Bronze. I got this lipstick as a freebie from a L’Oreal gift set. Most of the time I dont’t have high hopes for freebie lipsticks so I ignored it especially when I saw it was sort of brown. However as with all the lipsticks I’ve dug up over the week I have been pleasantly surprised.

So take a look at today’s makeup

The packaging to be honest is kinda meh and these lipsticks usually go for $20 odd NZD. But I got it for free so I’ll keep quiet.

I guess its a frost finish lipstick? I haven’t got too many like this but I think in the darker shades its pretty cool and with the right makeup suits me pretty well. It also is a very nice lipstick to put on :3

Today’s makeup is:
L’Oreal Lumi magique primer
L’Oreal infallible concealer
L’Oreal matte foundation
Benefit Sugarbomb blush
Benefit Badgal mascara
Styli style eyeliner
Sax eye delight eye shadow in left top and bottom

And if you’re interested the clip was in my hair. The skull was made by me and added to a bow tie, which was then made into a hair clip.

Thanks for stoppibg by,hopefully tomorrow I will have a nice bright colour for you.

Till next time.

❤ MaSucree

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