W7 Candy Floss Face Illuminator Review

W7 Candy Floss Face Illuminator Review

Hello groovy darlinks!

Enough of the lipstick (for now) and now it’s time for a blush swatch and review. Today’s post is all about W7’s Candy Floss Face Illuminator. Sadly W7 hasn’t got a website that I can send you to, however if you live in NZ you can get loads of W7 from Makeup Direct.

The last couple of lipstick of the day faces have had this blush/illuminator so I thought I would whip it out and show you some fancy photos of it.

 The box and brush remind me a lot of the benefit box of blushes. It is a cute little box that is sturdy enough. I’ve also gotten used to the brush, having a rectangular brush was odd at first, but now I love how precise it is.

The box leads you to believe that it is gonna be this uber pinky pink cotton candy colour but it reality it’s not.

It was kinda hard to take a photo of the colour, but I think I managed it. You can also see it on here in my first Lipstick of the Day post.

So the box says face illuminator, I still use it the same way you use a blush and I think it looks nice. Is there some magical way you’re meant to use illuminator anyway? I like how it feels on my skin, its very light and kinda silky and even better, it doesn’t feel caked on either. It even kinda smells nice…or that may just be me XD

W7 is not a common brand in NZ, so I was a little unsure about buying something of there’s  but I really like this little blush/illuminator. I would recommend adding it to your makeup bag as it doesn’t cost too much and its something a little different.  I will be on the look out for more w7 products 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!

Till next time.

❤ MaSucree

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