Lipstick of the Day – Isabella Dupont L255

Lipstick of the Day – Isabella Dupont L255

Good Afternoon!

So after inspiration from Ami and Del to start a lipstick challenge I thought I would start regularly start posting pictures of my hardly used lipstick and how I wore them that day.

Today’s first one is Isabelle Dupont‘s L255, which is a orangey nude colour. I brought it from Makeup Direct a while ago and I’ve never worn it outside 😮 So out it came! Let me know your feelings on it 🙂

 At first it was kind of a terrifying colour and I didn’t know how to wear it, maybe that is why I avoided wearing it.

 It doesn’t look bad on me, but with such a strong colour I was worried about looking like a clown. So I thought I would just try going with simple eye make-up today and light blush.

Here’s the full look (sorry my curls went flat, it took me forever to take a nice photo):

My Make-up today is:
L’Oreal Paris infallible liquid makeup, concealer and powder.
Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer
Styli Style Black Velvet Eyeliner
Sax Mascara in True Black
W7 Candy Floss Blush

Why is it sooo hard to take a photo of yourself? Gah!

Now I have to go find an outfit to go with it. What do you think something bright? Nothing special happening today, I’m actually at home most of the day, but why not dress it up a little 😉 I’m a little bit more confident in wearing this lipstick, I do feel as though I have dress up more for this lipstick, but they’re is totally nothing wrong with dressing up even more.

Thanks for stopping by!

Till next time.

❤ MaSucree

7 thoughts on “Lipstick of the Day – Isabella Dupont L255

  1. Gorgeous, and the makeup is perfect for it, especially that peachy blush! I think you could wear that with anything – sure, it’d be perfect for a 50’s style day dress in peach and pink which you could wear while frolicking through the park but: a) this is the not the 50’s, and, b) this is NZ and more often than not it’s COLD, and, c) if anyone frolicks now the cops will probably do a drug test to see what we’re on. 😀

    1. I love to dress in 40/50ish clothing 🙂 I could just do some low key frolicking tehe 🙂
      Turns out I have a long floaty skirt almost the same shade as my lipstick so I threw that on with my dark stripey top for today.
      Thanks for the comment :3

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