My Favourite Nail Polishes

My Favourite Nail Polishes

Hello again!

Besides my crazy lurve of make-up I also have one with nail polish. All you have to do is stop by DomesticMinxes and you will see the abundance of polish there 😉

So just like my lipstick collection my nail polish collection is pretty big too (even bigger actually). I have worn all of my polish and it has been outside the house too. But of course I have my favourites :3 It was so hard to choose just seven of them, but I did it and here they are for you to have a look.

Enjoy! And let me know if we share any of the same favourites!

First up is OPI‘s Just Spotted the Lizard! Supposedly a very stunning Channel Peridot dupe. If you don’t want to fork out the OPI price you can get a China Glaze Dupe which I compared over at DomesticMinxes. I prefer the OPI just cause it was the first one I got, but boy is it a stunner. I don’t know if it goes with any of my outfits, but I love wearing it!

China Glaze has done an amazing job on their Bohemian Luster Chrome Collection. I love pretty much the whole Collection, the one above is Deviantly Daring and the one below is Want my Bawdy. Two stunning blue polishes, I love the colour blue so these go with most of the clothes I own 🙂

Nubar Greener- I have a weakness for green polish, especially a nice dark shimmer green 🙂

Color Club Winter Affair- this is my newest polish, but it has endeared itself to me straight away. Look at that awesome plum colour!

Orly Rock It – Such a cool colour change, I’m looking forward to wearing more of this in summer :3

KleanColor Melon Green- More greeeen polish and the most shocking one I own too, I think that’s why its one of my favourites.

Nail Polish! Wooo!! Hope you enjoyed having an oggle.

Till next time!

❤ MaSucree

6 thoughts on “My Favourite Nail Polishes

  1. These are gorgeous. I now know what you meant when you said we were to be blogging soul mates!!! If you love dark shimmery greens I recommend trying to get your hands on Barry M Racing Green, stunning colour on my tips right now!

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